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1586Re: [AQ_NFS] Path and depositary for reports

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  • Dale McIntyre
    Jan 27, 2014

      Are you using the full Adobe or the Adobe Reader? I'm assuming that you have the full version. When you click on the PDF File (.pdf) radio button, you should get the Print to PDF in 64-Bit Windows screen, if you have a 64 bit processor. If you don't the process will be similar, except That I don't know the name of the screen you would use. In 64 bit machines, the window which appears has two options. the first is to install a PDF driver. The second is to Select an installed PDF printer driver. Clicking this second button brings up the Print Setup screen. This is where you select the driver to replace your printer. In your case, this is where you select Adobe. Click the downward arrow to open the drop down  screen, and select the Adobe program. The list which dropped down should have at least three items. One is your printer, one is PDF XChange 3.0, and one is your Adobe program. The PDF XChange 3.0 is the 32-Bit PDF program which ships with AQ. This is what you should select if you have a 32-Bit machine, but don't have any other PDF program. I chose to purchase PDF Complete. When you have selected your PDF program, click the OK button. This returns you to the Reports and Charts screen. Click on the Print button. The next screen to appear should be the Print screen. Click the OK button. At this point my PDF Complete program takes the file from AQ and asks me where I want it to be stored. If Adobe doesn't give you that option, I would get another PDF program.


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      On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 11:31 AM, S Douglas Cline <clinesd@...> wrote:

      I am trying to print my reports using Adobe.  I can do this, but I would like to direct the report to place on my secondary drive.  I have tried to change this in preferences both in AQ and in my printer properties prior to printing, but to no avail.  Reports continue going to Documents\*.pdf.  How do I change this?  Anybody?

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