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1581New Build of AQ 14!

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jan 23, 2014

      We just published build 18 of AQ 14.

      This build has some very exciting new enhancements.

      If you have already started AQ today, you'll want to go to the Help menu, then to "Newsline" to open a window with the links. Alternately, go to AQ's "Internet" menu and select "Check for Latest AQ Release".

      Below is a list of the enhancements/fixes.


      Enhancements/Bug Fixes to General Features

          Sorting: If you sort by Custom ID on the Name List screen or the Custom Report, purely numeric IDs should sort as numbers and IDs that are not purely numeric should sort alphabetically. AQ had a bug wherein if an ID was a number of more than 5 digits, the number was sorted alphabetically. Fixed. All numeric IDs now sort numerically.

      Enhancements to FamilySearch Features

          Import Family Lines: You can now import descendants of an ancestor from Family Tree. Since you typically already have some descendants of any given ancestor, this function will fill in descendants that you were missing, while leaving alone the descendant records that you already have. (We recommend making a backup of your database before using this feature, as you don't know what records you will get.)

          Upload Notes When Uploading Individuals: When you upload records from your file to Family Tree, AQ used to also add the notes. During the switchover from nFS to Family Tree, notes were not available in Family Tree until recently, so this capability had been removed. Now that Family Tree can handle notes, this capability has been restored.

          Upload Notes for Groups: You can now select a group of individuals in your database and have AQ scan the corresponding records in Family Tree. If your notes are not yet in Family Tree, you can quickly upload them. (There is a new Upload Notes option on the FamilySearch menu for this.)

          Delete Couple Relationships: You can now delete couple relationships in Family Tree. If children are involved, you will be asked whether to have the children remain linked with the father, with the mother, or with both individually. At the time this feature is introduced (1/22/2014), AQ is the only software, including Family Tree, that can split couple relationships when they have children.

          Delete Parent/Child Relationships: You can now remove children from parents in Family Tree.

          Sync Marriage Notes: You can now exchange notes between marriages in your file and Family Tree.

          Enhancements to Notes Sync Screen: The notes sync screen can now be enlarged, and you can more easily move text from the local notes to FT notes and vice versa.

          Merge Relatives: When working in the Family Sync screen, buttons have been added to Merge Fathers, Merge Mothers, Merge Spouses, Merge Children and Merge Siblings. When working with families, and you notice that Family Tree has duplicates of any of these relatives, you can merge them immediately.

          Link Screen: On the "Link With FamilySearch" screen, when you find a record in Family Tree that matches your local person, you have been able to check a box next to the Family Tree record to indicate that the person is a match. This build adds the ability to use a button at the bottom of the screen to Mark or Unmark the record as a match. You can use whichever method is more intuitive for you.

          Download LDS Ordinances Screen: We found some cases where the temple records show sealings to people who are still in nFS, but no longer in Family Tree. Because AQ works now with FT, these should not be shown, and AQ has been enhanced to not show these.

      Bug Fixes to FamilySearch Features

          Sign in as Helper: In Build 17, we broke the ability to sign in as a helper. Fixed.