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1562RE: [AQ_NFS] New build of AQ 14

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  • JimLight
    Dec 21, 2013
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      I’m sorry to hear that you too have been hit with serious incorrect linkages in your Family Tree lines.  I spent several months a couple of years ago trying to get such a mess straightened out on one of my lines, but I finally wore out, i.e,, it was finally better for me to spend my efforts on more productive pursuits.  It’s sad that it takes so much work to get these problems corrected; the resultant Family Tree db is a poor representation of what we CAN accomplish, if we only didn’t muck it up.  It also reaffirms the advice that one should always maintain his/her own db, since there is no way to keep others from messing up what is your best effort to get it all right.


      Interestingly, back when I was trying to fix the problems with my line, someone else was actively messing them up about as fast as I could correct them.




      It’s good that AQ skips the relationships where a person is his/her own parent, and I wonder if you could do more.  In my case, one poor woman was married to her husband, and about ten others, including his father, her son, and some other relatives.  Is there any way you could detect this kind of mistake and skip that relationship too?   Just curious – not sure it would be worth the effort, but maybe we could learn something from it that might help clear up the FT mess.






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      We just released build 17 of AQ 14. There were a couple of minor tweaks to some features, but the primary new change is that the Import Family Lines feature has been upgraded.


      If you use the automated import of ancestral lines, you'll primarily notice two adjustments:


      1) The process now runs in 2 passes. First, AQ will import all the requested individuals, except for the LDS ordinance information. Once this is complete, it will go back and gather the LDS ordinances if you are logged into FamilySearch with an LDS account. If you do not want to import LDS ordinances, simply cancel this 2nd process at any time while it runs.


      2) The process now faithfully imports the relationships as stored in Family Tree, with one exception: if Family Tree has recorded that a person is his/her own parent, AQ will not import such parents. For example, if Robert (ID xxx-yyy) shows, as parents,  Robert (ID xxx-yyy) and Mary (ID xxx-zzz), AQ will not import Robert and Mary to be parents of Robert. Prior to this build, the automated Import Family Lines feature did not always faithfully replicate relationships from Family Tree.


      As I did some testing of this adjusted import, I was amazed at some of the convoluted relationships in my tree. Someone has combined every person with a particular name within a 40 year span of each other, so AQ picks up dozens of sets of parents. In some cases, users of Family Tree had merged people in such a way as to cause this person to be his own father in a couple of these situations. AQ skips these, but otherwise provides you with a local copy of what is in the Family Tree.


      I believe that at this point, AQ is the only software that will replicate the ancestral lines from Family Tree into a local database.


      Gaylon Findlay

      Incline Software



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