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1537Re: [AQ_NFS] Adding Sources

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  • Dale McIntyre
    Dec 16, 2013
      Sources must be attached to Facts or Events or the Record. There is a button available to begin the source entry. On the individual entry screen, the button is labeled with a Capital S. On other entry screens "Source" will be the label on the button. When you click one of these Source buttons, you will either need to create a record of the source, or select it from the list of existing sources. If for instance your source is a book which you have not previously used as a source, you will need to create a source record for that book. From then on, it will be in your list of available sources. If you need to create the source, then when that is done, it will be on the list of sources, and you will need to select it, just as if it had previously been on that list. When you create the source, or at any time thereafter, if you choose to edit the source record, you can click on the Repository button. 

      The Repository is the second of three parts to a complete source. This is where you list the place where you found the Source (for example a book) so it could be the public library, a genealogical library, or even yourself. Remember that the reason for doing this is to let others know where they too can find this source. For that reason, a repository that is generally available to the public is more valuable than an individual is. If you use Internet repositories, you need to factor in the likelihood that the repository will not go away. The same is true for individuals, who will eventually die, without bothering to leave a forwarding address.

      The third part of a complete source is the Citation. This is where you tell what you found in the source, and where in the source you found it. Again, this is to help others to be able to find that same information. It may even be helpful to you, if you need to go back and verify your facts.

      For a quick example on how to do this, follow this LINK.


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      On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 2:59 PM, <mtd@...> wrote:

      Each time I have a new source to enter, I can never seem to click the right thing to add it from the list. 
      Does anyone have an idea that might go through this fuzzy brain???

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