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  • thomas_nevin_huber
    Nov 26, 2013
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      On Mon, 25 Nov 2013 06:43:09 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

      >I have several questions that came about as I checked my Family Tree name this past week. They are names that have been added by other family members overt time.
      >1) Which is the correct way to add the country to place name for USA / United States / United States of America?

      I use "Standard Finder", which is still part of labs.familysearch.org,
      but provides the "official name" recognized in FamilySearch Family
      Tree. For the USA, it provides United States.

      At one time, it added Great Britain to England, but no longer does
      >2) Is it correct to add cemetery names along with full place names?

      In the case of burials, I like to add the cemetery name, along with
      where it is located (full place name), but others do not, but will use
      only the full place name. Fortunately, AQ allows for cremations, which
      are not uncommon. Also, it is possible for a person to be buried "At
      Sea" with the name of the sea, ocean, etc.
      >3) I have many sources to add to these names. When I linked some of the sources, they stuck to the wrong place name, and when I check them using AQ the boxes are now empty. The incorrect place name showed up in FT. I have corrected the place name in FT, but the brown icon still shows source linked to wrong one in AQ and are empty.

      Sources are handled differently between AQ and FT and even though AQ
      links to sources in FT, they do not provide the detail of information
      that I like to see in source. Even when using FamilySearch and adding
      a FS record to FT, the source, in my opinion, is lacking. A good
      source provides Source, work, and citation and ideally, a repository.
      FamilySearch FT does not go that far, particularly when joining a
      record discovered through the indexes in FamilySearch and FT.

      For the time being, I'm sourcing the record in AQ and then using AQ to
      link the source(s) to FT. I haven't spent much time looking to see how
      those sources were added and what is included, but from the windows in
      AQ where I save the source to FT, it isn't as much as I would like to

      Fortunatly, FamilySearch FT is still under development and I suspect
      that input from national and international genealogy societies will
      have some impact in terms of sourcing. At least, I'm hoping they will.

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