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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Nov 16, 2013
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      You can do that now, with build 16. (That was mentioned in the fine print, at the bottom of the post. :-) )


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      This is great news, Gaylon. Thank you so much for the work you
      continue to perform in helping us acheive our goals.

      One question -- do you know or have any idea when sources for
      marriages will be implemented between AQ and FT?

      Thanks again and best regards,


      On Sat, 16 Nov 2013 16:13:01 -0700 (MST), you wrote:

      >Earlier this week, Ancestral Quest became FamilySearch certified for Tree Share, Sources, Discussions, Change History and LDS Support.
      >We published AQ 14 build 16 a couple of days ago, with all the changes in place that were required for these certifications.
      >You can read an announcement about this achievement here:
      >You can verify this certification on the FamilySearch site:
      >Some of you may have noticed, by now, some enhancements in this new build. Let me describe a few things that you might otherwise miss:
      >On the "Review/Sync Individual with FamilySearch" screen, we always felt like the bottom of the screen had too many buttons. We have moved nearly half of these to a new menu bar, at the top of the portion of the screen that shows the Family Tree data. Any actions that affect only the Family Tree person were moved. As a result, these buttons were moved: "View on FamilySearch" (used to be an icon with a magnifying glass), "Possible Duplicates", "Discussions", "Import from nFS" and "Delete Person". We added a new function to this list: "Change History". Also, some of the actions were renamed a bit -- the most notable name change was that "Select Family Tree" became "Import from nFS".
      >The "Change History" feature will allow you to see a complete list of all the changes made to the Family Tree person, and in some cases will allow you to restore data or relationships that had been altered.
      >A new "Notes" button was added to this screen, allowing you to upload your notes to Family Tree, correct or delete notes on Family Tree, or copy notes from Family Tree into your personal file.
      >You can now see notes from Family Tree on this screen. If you click on a note title, you will be able to see the rest of the note. Changes to the notes, however, will be done by using the Notes button.
      >On the Parents/Siblings and Spouses/Children screens, you will see a new option to review the sources for couples, and you will be allowed to exchange sources between your file and Family Tree.
      >Enjoy these new features!
      >Gaylon Findlay
      >Incline Software


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