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1476Re: [AQ_NFS] reserving individuals

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  • Lois Casson
    Nov 2, 2013
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      There's no set rule.  But, it is the easiest way to keep track of the work.  Sometimes names fall off the train and have to be resubmitted.  Women seem to be getting done in less than 6 months so you can delete them when complete.  Men are taking three years so that can be more tedious when the list is loading if you have a whole lot of names.

      Are you familiar with the feature on the "Family Search" tab top menu, "Ordinance Tracking and Reservation System,"  then "Update Ordinances?"  This goes through and checks every name in your program linked to FamilySearch and updates all ordinances.  If you choose to delete the names from the reservation list, this gives you the  means to automatically update the information.

      Lo in Flo

      On 11/2/2013 10:47 AM, Cleadie B wrote:
      Due to the fact that I am unable to visit a temple (due to distance & health) I assign all my names directly to "Temple".

      When using AQ's request form, how long do these names have to stay on the list?

      After the request is made can I then remove the names from my list? (I do a screen shot of each page when it gets full, so I have a record of the request made.)

      My list is so long it now takes a long time to add a new name, as I have to wait until the pages fully load before the new name is added.

      Cleadie B

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