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1442Re: [AQ_NFS] temple ordinance codes

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Sep 20, 2013
      Actually, the codes are those that have been part of PAF and AQ for 30ish years:

      P-Seal to Parents
      S-Seal to Spouse
      C-All Children Ordinances are Complete

      AQ does not show codes for LDS Confirmation or LDS Initiatory. Even though FamilySearch has started displaying these two LDS ordinances very recently, codes for them are not shown on the screens and reports of AQ. The assumption has always been that if the person is Baptized, that would have been followed up with Confirmation, and no extra code is needed. Similarly, if a person is Endowed, they must have had their Initiatory, so no extra code is needed.

      If a user wants a "legend" of these codes, they can make sure LDS Data is turned on in AQ's Preferences, then print or preview a blank Pedigree Chart.


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      On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 8:17 AM, Louise <a41hunter@...> wrote:

      I have noticed a new ordinance code that puzzles me in the person summary area at the top left of the family view in AQ.  I know what B E P S stand for.  What does C stand for?

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