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1435RE: [AQ_NFS] Working with Sources

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  • sm99923
    Sep 19, 2013
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      I see that clicking on the Title does display the rest of the data – citation, notes, url.


      But . . . I have only been able to achieve a transfer from FT to AQ of the source title . . . no citation, notes or url. They do not appear to separately selectable for synchronisation.




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      I have heard from a couple of users that they don't seem to be seeing all of the source information from Family Tree.


      The screen that shows you the source information works much like it does in Family Tree itself. Initially, you will only see the title of a source. If you then hover your mouse over the title, you'll notice that it becomes underlined, indicating that you can click on it.


      Once you click on the Title of the source, you'll the see the rest of the source information.


      If any piece of information is fairly long, you will only see part of that information, but you will have a "More" link to see the rest, and a "Less" link to hide that extra data if it provides more data than you want to see.


      Also, if you are transferring a source from your file to Family Tree, you will see a "Notes" block if you have checked the option to send source details to FT in the notes portion of the source. You won't see this "Notes" block if you uncheck that option.





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