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1434RE: [AQ_NFS] You can now sync sources with Family Tree

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  • sm99923
    Sep 19, 2013
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      I fear that all those who thought it easier to record sources in “Notes” have now boxed themselves into a corner. FT is committed to introducing “Notes” – but it is not there yet – which will likely give the opportunity of transferring your Note-Sources to FT but will miss out on the intended manner of recording Sources in FT with easily referenceable  citations, (source) notes, images, reasons etc.


      You may need to seriously consider a project to re-record your sources in line with the current genealogical convention (a version in-being for the past decade or so in AQ) and as used (broadly) by FT.





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      I need a little clarification.  I record all of my source information in my notes.  With the beta installed I can see all of the "notes" info as I did in nFS but I have see no means of transferring that info to ftree.  Is there no way, currently, of transferring that data?

      Lois Casson
      Pensacola, FL

      On 9/19/2013 12:53 PM, Gaylon Findlay wrote:




      We are about ready to release a new build of AQ which will allow you to sync sources between your file and Family Tree.


      We would like those of you who are willing to first test this build and let us know whether we need to make any tweaks before releasing it publicly.


      If you would like to test this, please download and install this file:



      This build (AQ 14, build 13, sub-build 8) will do the following:


      1) Fix some of the bugs that have been reported recently, including a bug that has been asked about on this group: when you import family lines, the marriage dates are not being imported. This is fixed.


      2) Syncing sources.


      We still intend to provide additional functionality with syncing sources, but a basic ability to sync is now available, and we didn't want users to have to wait any longer for basic functionality. With this build, you will see source icons next to events that have sources (when you are on the Review/Sync with Family Tree screen), and by clicking on those icons, you can upload sources from your database to Family tree, or download sources from Family Tree to your file. If either your source, or the Family Tree source includes a link to a picture or page of a source on the Internet, this link will also transfer.


      AQ is doing something unique in the way it uploads sources to Family Tree. Because Family Tree does not have a traditional source system, that records the source's title, author, repository, etc., AQ gives you the option of sending that information in the notes of a source. If you use that option, then the source information will go to Family Tree in two formats: The footnote of the source will go into the Family Tree 'Citation' field, and the detailed breakdown will go into the Family Tree 'Notes' field. If you, or another user, later imports this source, if there is no detailed breakdown, then AQ will have to put the citation into the "Comments" field of the AQ source. But if you include the detailed breakdown, then AQ will be able to recreate the source exactly as it was when you sent it to Family Tree -- it will know the author, title, repository, etc.


      We expect to release this build tomorrow. So if you have some time to test today, please do so.


      You will know that you have successfully installed this special build if your "About AQ" screen shows today's date (9-19-13) after you install.


      If you find any problems, please report them directly to me: gfindlay@...




      Gaylon Findlay

      Incline Software



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