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1411Re: [AQ_NFS] ? on Reserving Ordinances

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  • PCDirector
    Jul 30, 2013
      No. My situation was:

      When I went to reserve the initial group of people, AQ found 38 people who
      were "qualified" to have their work done. I reserved their work, printed
      out the FOR and sent it on its way.

      NOW, no matter what I try and do in ORTS, ALL it shows me are those
      original 38. I can't remove them, and I can't add to them.

      My question is: WHY was it that ORTS will not move past/delete/add to the
      list of the original 38?

      To add a new wrinkle to it, as of this morning, that batch of 38 is GONE
      from the Manage Batch system, and my Reserve Ordinance List (which by the
      way, has an auto-populate "qualified" feature, FYI) is COMPLETELY CLEAR.

      I haven't touched the ORTS since last week, and have done nothing different.

      This morning is a week to the day since I printed out the FOR.

      So my additional question now is: WHAT CHANGED? Or is there some kind of
      time-lock in AQ?

      Just saying. It's pretty odd.


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