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1410Re: [AQ_NFS] ? on Reserving Ordinances

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  • thomas_nevin_huber
    Jul 30 3:22 PM
      In addition, it is up to each member to make sure that the ordinance
      work hasn't been already performed because there are two or more
      instances of the same name, marriage, and so on.

      In looking through the thread of this discussion, it appears that
      Kathy is expecting the names for which temple work has not been done
      to magically appear in the list. That won't happen, mainly because the
      member must request the work be performed, after making sure
      everything is correct.

      Many years ago, shortly after the Ancestral file was released, I heard
      a member of our Stake Presidency get up and talk about how wonderful
      it was that he could go through Ancestral File records and find those
      members of his family who could have work done for them.

      Unfortunately, he didn't bother checking to see if the work had
      already been done. He was depending upon the family files that were
      submitted to create the ancestral file as his _only_ source. He
      presumed that everything was ready.

      That's a huge mistake and one that no responsible member should ever
      make. Even if you trust the material in Family Tree, the fact remains
      that Family Tree records are _not_ primary or even secondary sources.
      At best, they can be used as guides to locating validating records,
      but they should never be trusted as a valid source of information
      until they have been fully and completely documented.

      We had a saying at the mission: Family History without documentation
      is fiction. The new Family Tree makes it easy to search for existing
      information in the Indexed records of FamilySearch and attach them to
      individual records, thus validating the information that is available.

      The first and foremost responsibility is to prove the record is
      correct and to document what you did to prove it. LDS have a
      reputation among the professional genealogical community of being very
      sloppy and that the records are not trustworthy unless they are
      properly documented.


      On Tue, 30 Jul 2013 10:36:00 -0600, you wrote:

      >I have never seen the ORTS bring in names on its own. Advanced Focus/Filter
      >will show you the qualified names for ordinances but you have to send them
      >to ordinance reservation yourself. Sorry I don't know anything about it
      >happening automatically.
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      >I understand what you are saying.
      >My question was, why is it not showing me more than the original batch of
      >38 who were processed? Shouldn't it be showing me all those who are
      >qualified for work like it did with the first 38?
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