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1383Re: [AQ_NFS] Review of Ancestral Quest - not happy

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  • Jerry Barrett
    Jul 21, 2013
      Dora, I do not work for AQ - just a happy user. I started with the DOS
      version of PAF, and went with AQ when they offered a Windows alternative.

      I can appreciate changing an interface to suit your needs. At work, I use
      different colors to indicate different servers, etc. I have changed the colors
      and fonts in the AQ interface, and that is a nice ability, but what keeps me
      with AQ is how it allows me to work, and allows me to enter data in my own way
      - using copy keys, memorized citations, and quick entry places. I have tweaked
      the citation settings to meet the requirements of different groups, formatting
      footnotes which don't have to be modified when published. The multiple output
      formats, from printed reports to web pages allow me to share my research with
      others. I also like having the AQ basic "free" version to share with others
      who want to try to maintain / expand their family once I have completed the
      initial research. As a former software developer, I also appreciate the AQ
      support team. They monitor this board, and are responsive to the user
      community. There are regular updates, and extended functionality which are
      available for us to use.

      I have fellow researchers who like other genealogy tools - but I haven't found
      one that fits my work methods as well as AQ. While I appreciate a good
      interface, it is the flesh and bones that will determine the right tool for
      you to choose.

      I wish you good luck with AQ, and hope you can find a way to have it meet your
      research style.


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      From: "Dora Smith" <tiggernut24@...>
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      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] Review of Ancestral Quest - not happy

      Jerry, I don’t know if you work for Ancestral Quest or not, but I thought
      maybe I’d better point out that even most of my fellow data entry workers
      won’t use an ugly interface if they can help it; for instance if we have to
      use a command window most people change the colors.

      But some people don’t mind white on black or whatever.


      From: Dora Smith
      Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 5:18 PM
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      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] Review of Ancestral Quest - not happy

      Got it – alright! Now I’ll give it another try.

      You really need to make that more intuitive – the colors button there WITH
      the “use skins” button, and make it more clear that the skins are just the
      predefined options. It looked like using skins was the only option if you
      didn’t like cold blue and white.


      From: Jerry Barrett
      Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 5:04 PM
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      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] Review of Ancestral Quest - not happy


      I'm surprised to hear that I have been using an ugly for years.

      Perhaps you just don't care for the predefined "Skin" colors. If you want to
      adjust the colors like in PAF - then in the preferences screen, on the
      tab, look in the lower left hand corner. Uncheck the "Use Skins" button, and
      you will see a "Colors" button. That should bring you back to the color
      lime PAF.

      I hope you don't judge AQ by just the screen color - beauty is only skin deep
      - and AQ has a lot to offer.

      Jerry B.

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      Subject: [AQ_NFS] Review of Ancestral Quest - not happy

      I just upgraded Ancestral Quest, since it is supposedly very similar to PAF
      and interacts with Family Search.
      I don’t like it. First of all the screen view is ugly, and you can’t
      change it to anything not ugly. You have a very small choice of color
      schemes. I tried every option, and they’re ALL ugly. I have to sit there
      and look at it hour after hour; why would I want to use anything with ugly
      colors? PAF let you change the colors individually, to anything you wanted
      If the interface is ugly, I won’t use it, no matter what else it does. At
      the moment I’m using Roots Magic.

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