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1377Re: [AQ_NFS] News about AQ and FamilySearch

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  • weldalendt
    Jul 21, 2013
      I have been working at transferring my sources from AQ to Family Tree by pulling up a double screen with my AQ data on one side and FT on the other. I first go to "create a new source" on my FT person and type a title for the source. Then I copy and paste my source information from AQ to FT "Where the source is found". I then cut and paste the specific information to the "Describe the source" area. It takes a little time but it sure beats typing it all in again.

      If there is an easier way, I'd be glad to know about it.


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      Well noted . . . any indication of when the next certification stage will be
      reached - "Tree Share+" - "The product has the features of Share plus the
      collaborative features including Discussions, Sources, Watch and Change

      I have a backlog of sources I would really prefer to use synchronisation for
      rather than keying them in to both AQ and FT. Can some hope be given?

      Plus . . . looking at the FT certification categories . . . where does "Tree
      Connect" fit in with AQ -

      "Tree Connect: The product references online artifacts such as records,
      photos, documents, and media that can be attached to persons in the Family

      Is "Tree Connect" part of "Tree Share"?


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      Subject: [AQ_NFS] News about AQ and FamilySearch

      We just published a news item on the Internet about Ancestral Quest and its
      recent certification (received on June 21) with FamilySearch Family Tree.

      If you're interested, here is a link to read the full article:



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