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1368New Build 13 of AQ 14

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jul 12, 2013

      We have just released build 13 of AQ 14.

      It addresses issues that we have heard about from several users.

      To upgrade, you can either bring up your "Newsline" window from AQ's Help menu, and click on the link to update, or you can go to AQ's Internet menu, and select "Check for Latest AQ Release." Either way will get the same results.

      Below is a plain-text version of the list of enhancements and fixes.


      Changes in Build 13 (07/12/2013)

      General Bug Fixes

      * AQ Seems to Hang: Occasionally, one of the screens would come up out of view, making it appear that AQ had locked up. Fixed.

      Enhancements to FamilySearch Features

      * Merging Family Tree Records: Prior to checking to see if FamilySearch considered the merge of two Family Tree records to be viable, AQ would take the time to load all the information needed to complete the merge. For some records this could take considerable time. AQ now checks the viabilty first, and if the merge will not be allowed, alerts the user and does not load all of the information.

      * Family Tree PID Change: If FamilySearch had changed the PID of a record to which you had linked one of your records, when AQ next attempted to work with that record, it would display a message to let you know the new PID. This became annoying when you were running a long process like checking for changes or updating LDS ordinances. In these two processes -- Check for Changes and Update Ordinances, AQ no longer provides this message.

      Bug Fixes to FamilySearch Features

      * Crash on Program Exit: On 7/10/2013, FamilySearch disabled AQ's ability to update the older "New FamilySearch" database. One of the changes made by FamilySearch in that process caused AQ to crash when you exited AQ, if you had logged into FamilySearch during your session with AQ. Fixed.

      * Merging Records on Family Tree: If you started the screen to initially match one of your records with the corresponding record of Family Tree, and you found several duplicates, AQ would merge the first set of duplicates properly. But if you attempted to merge a second set of duplicates before exiting that screen, AQ would give unwarranted error messages or crash. Fixed.

      * General Updates: Occasionally, if FamilySearch was a bit slow when you tried to update information to Family Tree, you might get an error message, even though the update was successful. Fixed.

      * Family Sync: If the PIDs of relatives had changed in Family Tree, the new IDs were not always updated yet to your database, so family members in your file sometimes appeared to be linked to the wrong records in Family Tree. This often caused you to try to correct this, when no correction was needed. This usually ended up giving unwarranted error messages when attempting to adjust family links. Fixed.

      * Family Sync: If you sent data to Family Tree from the Review and Selectively Sync Individual screen while going into the Family Sync screen for either Parents/Siblings or Spouses/Children, you would often not see the family from Family Tree. Fixed.

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