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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jul 6, 2013

      FamilySearch attaches a marker to each record. Anytime a change is made to that record, the marker is also changed, so that programs such as Family Tree, AQ and others can be alerted that a change has been made.

      When you initially link one of your records in your personal file to its corresponding record in Family Tree, AQ records this marker. When you run "Check for Changes," AQ compares the markers it has recorded with the current markers in Family Tree. If the markers are the same, then AQ knows that no changes were made to the Family Tree record since you last looked at the record. If the markers are different, then AQ knows that some change has been made to the Family Tree record, and it puts this record on a list for you to review. AQ doesn't know specifically what has changed -- only that FamilySearch reports that something has changed.

      Unfortunately, when FamilySearch moved records from nFS to FamilyTree, they created new markers for every record in their system. So the first time you run Check for Changes after switching from an older version of AQ (which looked at the old markers of nFS) to a newer version (which now looks at the markers of Family Tree), every record will be listed as having changed. Because of this, we added a "Mark All" button to the Check for Changes review screen, which allows you to quickly update the markers of every linked record in your AQ file with new markers from Family Tree. If you use this option, you may miss reviewing some legitimate changes to some of the records you are working with, but you will be set up so that in the future, Check for Changes will only show you records that have actually changed since you marked them.

      Hope this helps.


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      Could someone please explain what the "Check for changes" (under Family
      Search) function is designed for. When I use it I get a great list of names
      bur I am unable to see what changes have occurred. I'm sure it must serve
      some useful purpose.
      Neil R Hallam

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