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  • Leslie Vaughn
    Jul 1, 2013
      I just downloaded the latest version of AQ and find that all of my names
      that were synched with nfs are now showing a change when I do a check for
      changes. So I am filtering them to a manageable size so I can make sure
      that any changes on F/T are noted in my data base. I have not synched all
      of my data base on nfs. Only the ones that I have worked on since its

      So in my filter I am choosing PID exists and surname is range aa and az. I
      plan to go through the alphabet that way and parse out a few at a time.
      Using the aa to az I got 360 which is a doable number for me. But when I
      check for changes it has found 17 that are not synched.

      Question, how do I identify those 17? I can view those with changes but not
      those 17.

      Leslie Vaughn

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