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1292Re: [AQ_NFS] Family tree

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  • Tom Huber
    May 31, 2013
      Hi all,

      Do we have any information when there will be a release of AQ that
      will work directly with Family Tree, instead of through

      I happened to be preparing for a class on Family Tree in our H.P.
      group this Sunday and clicked on the link in Chapter 8 to see those
      sites that can be used with Family Tree. It opened to the page of
      affiliate programs and I noticed that RootsMagic is now certified with
      FT _and_ "can compare and reconcile all data in both Family Tree and
      the product." (Share status)

      Right now, AQ is only certified with NFS.

      I did note that there is a classification in which the product "has
      the features of Share plus the collaborative features including
      Discussions, Sources, Watch and Change History."

      I'm wondering if Gaylon is waiting to get that certification or what.
      I know that I would appreciate having more control over what I see,
      since much of what we do in FT does not reflect back through NFS and
      AQs screens.


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