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1281Re: [AQ_NFS] Symbols/ Family Tree

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  • thomas_nevin_huber
    May 5 4:06 PM
      The Pedigree view's symbols are somewhat dependent upon the
      preferences you have set, particularly for Temple Mode:

      With Temple Mode on, each name in the Pedigree View and the Family
      View will display an icon which indicates the status of the LDS temple
      ordinances for that person. With Temple Mode off, these icons will not
      show on the Pedigree and Family Views.

      You turn temple mode on by going into the FamilySearch menu and
      selecting Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System. Then click on
      Enable Temple Mode. You turn temple mode off by going to the same
      screen and clicking on Disable Temple Mode.

      With temple mode on, you will see one of three icons:

      - The temple icon with a green arrow indicates that at least one
      ordinance is needed, according to your local records.

      - The temple icon with a yellow warning sign indicates that no
      ordinances are needed, but that at least one ordinance is still in

      - The temple icon with a blue checkmark indicates that all ordinances
      are completed.

      Be aware that these icons are based upon the information in your local
      records, not based upon official temple records. If your records are
      up to date with the temple records, then these icons will be accurate.
      To verify the accuracy of these icons, you will need to link each
      person with the corresonding person in FamilySearch and make sure your
      records agree with the official temple records available through

      Regardless of which icon is shown, if you click on the icon, it will
      add that record to the list on the Reserve Ordinances/Create Batches
      screen, where you can verify the official ordinances. If ordinances
      are missing on the official temple records, you can then reserve them.


      In Preferences (General Tag), if you have "Connect with FamilySearch"
      checked, you will see a FamilySearch icon (a tree). If the icon has a
      dark background, there is a link to the person in FamilySearch. If the
      icon is grayed out, there is no link. Clicking on the link will open
      FamilySearch via the AQ interface. You may need to provide your
      FamilySearch (LDS) id and password to complete the connection.

      You may also see one or more (up to three) colored boxes. This is a
      tag feature that Gaylon as provided and how those boxes are used is up
      the the AQ user. To reach the Manage Tags screen, Select Tools...

      Some of these features are only availalbe in a fully licensed version
      of AQ 14.

      On Sun, 05 May 2013 14:19:19 -0600, you wrote:

      >On the boxes - I can see three types of indicators in my file - A small
      >square, indicating a photo or media link - A triangle indicating a note - or a
      >square on a triangle, looks like a set of stairs, meaning both. Next would be
      >the FamilySearch indicator, mine shows as a blue box with a white tree - and
      >finally the up to three tag indicators. The colors would be set by you when
      >you define the tags. To open the tags for a person, press CTRL-SHIFT-T, and it
      >brings up the manage tag window. I am guessing it is a tag, because the other
      >indicators open a window if clicked.
      >On Set Family Tree - you might need to select the version from your local tree
      >- down toward the bottom of the list.
      >------ Original Message ------
      >Received: 12:57 PM MDT, 05/05/2013
      >From: Scott Scheibe <dsscheibe@...>
      >To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [AQ_NFS] Symbols/ Family Tree
      >Is is there a list of the symbols that appear in the boxes of
      >pedigree view. I haven't used AQ much lately and noticed last night
      >some of my people have a blue box after their name and I don't know
      >what it means.. When you click on it nothing happens and no context
      >pops up and gives you a clue.
      >In set Family Tree values some of them I can't change and it won't
      >let me set it. For instance one I just tried my local file gives birth as
      >29 Dec 1819 York Springs, Adams, Pennsylvania, Family tree shows the value as
      >1807, Ohio and when I try to change it in the drop down box, it just
      >goes back to that value even though it is the ONLY one that says Ohio
      >and several others have some variation of York Springs, Adams, Pen.
      >Scott Scheibe
      ><http://scottsworld.info> Scott's website
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