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1263removing wife

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  • Cleadie B
    Apr 7, 2013
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      Some good idea this afternoon, I will read them better later today.

      The idea a couple of the messages gave, was one I had used by accident, and forgotten. That of removing the children. I had one male ancestor whose records were split into three families. Each time he had the same wife, and each family had some of the children.

      It was easy to see I had to move the children all into one file. But this time the mane had all his kids, but the wrong wife. so I never thought about removing the kids. Live and learn.

      I use FT most of the time IF the records are right and all I have to do is add sources. If there is a mess I switch between AQ, nFS and FT. Each have their place in correcting data. AQ make my correct data paste into nFS, which I then check to make sure it worked, then back to FT to add the sources.

      I also use AQ to find multi-generation people, then grab the PID and use the search in FT. Saves a lot of searching.

      Many many thanks to all who responded to my question.

      Cleadie B