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1236Re: [AQ_NFS] Uploading photos

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  • Cleadie B
    Mar 22, 2013
      Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I had gotten to what you list as item number 7. I have gone to Family Tree and found the person. From there nothing happens to put the link on the photo. No photo is joined to the person on FT.

      I have tried this quite a number of times, with the same results.

      However, thanks for the time you have spent to give me such detailed directions.

      Cleadie B

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      Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 6:33:09 PM
      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] Uploading photos

      If you have already tagged the people in your photos:
      1. Click on People
      2. you will get a screen--the upper half has tagged people not yet linked in Family Tree; the bottom half are those already linked.
      3. click on the circle-photo in the upper half. That takes you to a new screen.
      4. click on the small down pointing arrow to the right of the name.
      5. That area expands and gives you two choices:
      a. edit the name (it is advantageous to have the name exactly the way they have in family tree, including women having their maiden name.)
      b. search for the person in Family Tree
      6. click the search button.
      7. you will get a list of possible matches. If your person appears in the list (it should be at the top unless it is a common name), click the select button.
      If the person does not appear in the list, click the "new" button and search by their ID number.

      Merlin Kitchen

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