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1204Re: updating ordinances

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  • Tom Huber
    Feb 19, 2013
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      On Wed, 20 Feb 2013 01:03:28 -0000, you wrote:

      >If anyone has examples of where AQ fails to update an ordinance when
      linkages are correct, I would like for them to send me a backup of their
      database, and a note as to which people are not being updated.
      I have run into numerous instances where I run Update Ordinances and
      some very old ordinances are suddenly "found" and the records updated.
      I've always attributed these to continued updates of the data from
      previously non-included records.

      I have a very large database and several areas seem to fail to update
      as intended. One of them is after I've reserved a record, AQ puts in
      submitted (with date), but the Update Ordinances fails to Update from
      "Submitted (with date)" to "In process". Keep in mind that this may
      because I have not printed a FOR or had cards printed for the

      I've also seen instances where I run the "Manage Batches", reconcile,
      and update all. I do not do anything with the Update or Update Local
      functions, but would rather leave it to Update Ordinances to handle.
      They don't always do the job and I can come back (after shutting down
      AQ, recycling the computer) and still see the fields with an asterisk,
      indicating that it needs to be updated with my local records.

      Because we are moving toward Family Tree, I haven't taken time to
      report the problem because I feel that working on some of these at
      this time may not be the best use of time. If I'm wrong, I'll do the
      research and report back privately with a copy of the database and
      also the PIDs and RINs of those impacted.


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