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1199Re: [AQ_NFS] AQ crashes

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Feb 4, 2013
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      The first thing you should try is to download the latest build of AQ 14. Even if you don't want to purchase an updated registration key for AQ 14, all of the features that you are currently using in AQ 12.1 will still work for you in AQ 14.

      FamilySearch has changed some things about the way AQ "talks" to nFS, and the newer version has adjusted for some of these changes. Your older AQ 12.1 does not have these changes.

      Each time that AQ starts, it provides you with a "Newsline" window, which has two purposes:

      1) Let you know whether you are up to date, and if not, it provides a link to download the latest version of AQ -- please follow this link.

      2) Provide you with other information we feel is important to share with you. If you haven't watched the two new videos that are currently mentioned on the Newsline window, you might consider watching them. If I remember correctly, the first segment of the first video, which teaches about the new features in AQ 14, also helps to clarify how you can use AQ 14 with a version 12 key.


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      I keep trying to prepare names for the temple but after linking one or two
      names successfully to NFS, the program then says "AQ has stopped working"
      and it shuts down. I am running 12.1.34 on Windows Vista. I have never had
      this problem before. I rebuilt my database and ran error check and it still
      crashes. Please help.

      Thank you.

      Hal Bradley

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