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1170Re: [AQ_NFS] Family tree

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  • tomhuber.yah@gmail.com
    Jan 3, 2013
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      Leslie's response is as good as any for the cremation situation. Even
      if you don't have a date, you should probably add the cremation event
      and the best location you can possibly have.

      As to setting the values from AQ, if AQ will not allow you to set
      them, I would go into newFamilySearch (not FSFT) to see if the record
      is locked. It is entirely possible that you've run across one of those
      records that members continue to attempt to do work for -- I have one
      in my ancestry, a famous person -- and to prevent on-going ordinances
      from being performed, the Family History department has locked the

      However, if that is not the case (that the record is locked), then go
      into FSFT and examine the record. If nothing appears to be amiss,
      double check the function in AQ and if the system will still not allow
      you to establish the setting, send a private note to Gaylon, along
      with a copy of the AQ backup of your file, indicating the ID of the
      person you're having problems changing.

      Oh, and one other thing: If the person is or could be living, and you
      don't have a death date, that may impact the program's ability to make
      changes from the LDS side if you have not established that they are

      Personally, I've never run into this situation and I've looked at
      thousands of records.

      On Wed, 02 Jan 2013 22:12:50 -0700, you wrote:

      >couple questions.
      >I can Set family tree on some people and not others because it is
      >grayed out to save it and I don't see a reason why, all the values
      >have *next to them. I could not do my grandparents but could do some
      >people from the late 1700's..
      >What do you do with burial if the person was cremated?
      >Scott Scheibe
      >Descendants of Capt. Henry WOODWARD
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