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1154RE: [AQ_NFS] New addition to Family Search

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  • mkitchen@juno.com
    Dec 11, 2012
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      We who were given the link to the photo portion of family tree were asked not to place such a link on any blogs. They are not ready for thousands of people to start.

      This feature is just in its infancy and the number of "invites" is very limited to just a few hundred. There are no instructions because the software is being developed and will change on the basis of what the users say about it. They want to make it so intuitive that you almost don't need instructions. If you want to get in on the ground floor and help them develop it, please go ahead. But if you like things developed and that they work tomorrow the same way they work today, my advice is to wait a while before diving in.

      One of the rules is that you own the copyright to the photo. Another thing to note is that every picture uploaded will be examined by a person before it will actually be posted.

      Only one piece of several planned is operational, that is photos of people. Later, you will be able to upload documents, stories, perhaps pictures of tombstones, etc. I may be wrong, but to my knowledge, as yet there is no way for anyone to see the photos you upload.

      Please do not call or write support about this "product" because even the support missionaries have not been told about or trained about photos, except that it will come some time in the future.
      Merlin Kitchen
      Utah South Area Family History Training Center

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