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1121Re: [AQ_NFS] syncing FT and nFS

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  • S Douglas Cline
    Nov 10, 2012
      Hi Tom,

      I was indeed on build six instead of seven. Now that I have upgraded, I see
      the "Set Family Tree" button instead of the "set summary." However, I don't
      see anywhere that it shows any data showing "set." Should I see that in AQ
      or in Family Tree? Or were you just saying that after you click the "Set
      Family Tree" button, that the data is actually set?

      As I use Family Tree, it seems much more cumbersome to me than nFS but I
      suppose I will get used to it in time. But I really haven't been able to
      tell if the records are emulating nFS or not. In fact I have the same name
      in Family Tree with two different ID's and yet when I check for possible
      duplicates on either one of them, it tells me there are no matches found,
      which is of course ridiculous. Anyway, thanks so much for the help.

      S Douglas Cline

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