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1095Re: [AQ_NFS] ID # problem? Maybe

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  • Bob Penry
    Nov 3 5:31 PM
      Why would anyone want to move the PID into the ID field, since a field already exists for the PID? Seems like wasting a field that could be used for other uses. .

      I use the ID field for a much better use. I have codes that identify non-related people that are in my file because of marriage-only lines. For instance the parents of a spouse of a relative, or that individual’s siblings. I have found as my database grows, that many of these non-related people become relatives when we go back another couple generations. If you doubt this, start entering medieval families. Of course, since the ID field is user-defined, I am not suggesting that it be used for my reason. However, It would be nice to have the program be able to identify these relationships itself instead of making me do it.

      Last night in Orlando had a great presentation by Jim Greene from FamilySearch.org about the new Family Tree. He discussed the various programs that interface. He told us that PAF will probably go the way of the dinosaurs soon. How will this impact AQ? Of course since the Church doesn’t really support PAF, just gives it away, might not matter too much. Also had a presentation about FamilyInsight and Sharing Time as part of the Orlando Family History Conference. In a discussion with Jim, I indicated that NFS and its replacement Family Tree are not Family History programs, they are tools for doing ordinance work. He agreed on NFS, but hedged on Family Tree since the eventual goal is to use it for tying the human family into a single tree and that in this respect it could be considered a program. We both agreed, however, that there will always exist a need for programs like Ancestral Quest, Legacy, RootsMagic, Family Insight, etc. He gave them a strange title, something like database facilitators or something. I wish I written down the terminology.

      He gave a chilling statistic. Only 2 to 2/12 % of LDS Church members are doing family history. This could explain one of the reasons that Family Tree Maker never created a connection to NFS, other than that fact that the philosophy of the Church and Ancestry.com clash when it comes to access to data. Free versus a commercial venture. Last year, I visited Ancestry.com in Orem and really received the run-around on that question. They could change the subject better than a Presidential candidate during a debate! I had planned to stop my your facility, but got tied up with some business at BYU and never made it.

      Besides being a confirmed AQ user, I also use FamilyInsight for its ability to mass-correct place names and the trim function. I decided to add Sharing Time to my NewFamilySearch login. Interesting program.

      I have the Progeny add-in for AQ, and of course had it for PAF many years ago. Why doesn’t AQ expand its reports and charts area to pick up some of the great charts from 3rd Party programs? Are they copyrighted?

      I hope to be in the area sometime in the Spring. My son is a professor of Computer Engineering at the Y. Ancestral Quest and I have communicated by e-mail, Yahoo Groups, and I have been a beta tester for AQ14 and for NFS and Family Tree. My wife is the Assistant Stake Indexing Director and we are the Family History Coordinators in the Venice Florida Ward, and I am on the board of directors for the Englewood Florida Genealogy Society. Most of our Ward uses AQ. I promoted it to replace their use of PAF. Great program – keep up the good work.

      From: Gaylon Findlay
      Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 3:07 PM
      To: AQ NFS
      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] ID # problem? Maybe


      Let me make sure we are talking apples-apples. So what you are telling me is that if you, right now, run the Generate ID tool to set the IDs to the NFS ID, that it doesn't put the NFS ID into the ID field?


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      From: "tomhuber yah" <mailto:tomhuber.yah%40gmail.com>
      To: "AQ NFS" <mailto:AQ_NFS%40yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 12:20:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] ID # problem? Maybe

      Hi Gaylon,

      The problem is that the set ID is not showing up in the ID# field,
      even though it shows up in the FamilySearch ID field.

      My question is whether or not it (the FamilySearch ID) should, since I
      am running the tool to "Set the ID numbers to match the FamilySearch

      Also, the filter is set to All. If you want, I can send you my
      database, and captured images of the windows.

      Thanks for all you do,


      On Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:31:26 -0600 (MDT), you wrote:

      >When you use the "Generate ID Numbers" tool, this simply sets the IDs, using the options you specified, as of right now -- the moment you run this tool. It does not tell AQ to continue setting IDs in the future. So if you have linked 5 people in your file, then run this tool, it will set the IDs for 5 people. If you later link 5 more people, only the original 5 will have their IDs set. When you run the tool again, it will then set the IDs for all 10 of your linked people, but when you link more people, their IDs will not be set until you run the tool again.
      >I may have missed something, so if I don't answer your question, please ask again.
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      >From: "tomhuber yah" <mailto:tomhuber.yah%40gmail.com>
      >To: "AQ NFS" <mailto:AQ_NFS%40yahoogroups.com>
      >Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 10:21:25 AM
      >Subject: [AQ_NFS] ID # problem? Maybe
      >Hopefully you can determine if this is me, or a setting problem.
      >At one time, I would run the tool to Generate ID numbers and the "Set
      >the ID numbers to match the FamilySearch PIDs". Then, when looking at
      >the individual edit screen, I would note that at the bottom of the
      >window, the FamilySearch ID appeared in its own field (left most) and
      >also in the ID #: field (right most). Then, a number of versions back,
      >that copying of the IDs stopped.
      >Is this something that I imagine happened a long time ago, or
      >something that broke and no one brought it to your attention, or
      >something else (a change in purpose for the ID # field)?
      >According to the help file, " Set to FS PID. If you are linking your
      >records to the records in the FamilySearch database, the FS Person ID
      >will already be recorded in your records. If you are also using PAF to
      >work with your records, you will not be able to see these IDs.
      >However, if you use this option, you can set the Custom ID of your
      >records to match the FS PID, and then you will be able to see this ID
      >in the CUSTOM ID field."
      >Is the CUSTOM ID field the same field as the ID # field, or is there a
      >checkbox that I don't have checked to display that field in the
      >individual edit screen?
      >Thanks, I'm using the most current version of the program.
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