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1089Re: [AQ_NFS] ID # problem? Maybe

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Oct 29, 2012

      When you use the "Generate ID Numbers" tool, this simply sets the IDs, using the options you specified, as of right now -- the moment you run this tool. It does not tell AQ to continue setting IDs in the future. So if you have linked 5 people in your file, then run this tool, it will set the IDs for 5 people. If you later link 5 more people, only the original 5 will have their IDs set. When you run the tool again, it will then set the IDs for all 10 of your linked people, but when you link more people, their IDs will not be set until you run the tool again.

      I may have missed something, so if I don't answer your question, please ask again.


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      Hopefully you can determine if this is me, or a setting problem.

      At one time, I would run the tool to Generate ID numbers and the "Set
      the ID numbers to match the FamilySearch PIDs". Then, when looking at
      the individual edit screen, I would note that at the bottom of the
      window, the FamilySearch ID appeared in its own field (left most) and
      also in the ID #: field (right most). Then, a number of versions back,
      that copying of the IDs stopped.

      Is this something that I imagine happened a long time ago, or
      something that broke and no one brought it to your attention, or
      something else (a change in purpose for the ID # field)?

      According to the help file, " Set to FS PID. If you are linking your
      records to the records in the FamilySearch database, the FS Person ID
      will already be recorded in your records. If you are also using PAF to
      work with your records, you will not be able to see these IDs.
      However, if you use this option, you can set the Custom ID of your
      records to match the FS PID, and then you will be able to see this ID
      in the CUSTOM ID field."

      Is the CUSTOM ID field the same field as the ID # field, or is there a
      checkbox that I don't have checked to display that field in the
      individual edit screen?

      Thanks, I'm using the most current version of the program.



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