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1083Family Tree - where did my source go ?

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  • Cleadie B
    Oct 16, 2012
      While making a source for a marriage on Family Tree in Source Box, I got to the point of saving and attaching to my relatives, and go back to the couple. Instead it flashed "Go back to Maria Dorothea Humana" which is someone I do not know.

      I checked the source box and the source I just made was not there. I again made the source and the same thing happened. Both times I used the GO Back link to see if I could find what had happened, or to see if Maria had my source.

      The third time I tried it, the same thing happened, so I hit the back arrow and it went back to my relative, and Maria and my source were not connected to my file, and again when I checked the source I just made was missing.

      I then did a search for Maria Dorothea Humana - there were several - no source showed up on any of them.

      Cleadie B
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