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1058New Build 5 of AQ 14

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Aug 28, 2012
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      We just put out a quick maintenance build for version 14. If you have already upgraded to AQ 14, and have updated to build 4, which was released yesterday, you do not need to update to this new build. Build 5 corrects a problem for those who are still using an older AQ 12.0 / 12.1 key. However if you have not updated yet to build 4, you will definitely want to get this latest build for the other enhancements listed yesterday with build 4.

      The change in build 5 is listed in more detail below.



      Changes in Build 5 (08/28/2012)

      General Bug Fixes - (Note that the single fix in this build affects only users who still have a version 12/12.1 key, not those who have upgraded to version 14. If you have version 14, and have already updated to build 4, you do not need this build.)

      Reports in AQ 14 for Users of AQ 12.1: The list reports that were blocked in AQ Basics, but were part of AQ 12.1, were supposed to still be available to those with a key for 12.1 while using AQ 14. In AQ 14.0 build 4, the printing of these reports was fixed. With build 5, the preview of these reports for those with a version 12/12.1 key was also fixed.

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