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1049A request and a question

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  • tomhuber.yah@gmail.com
    Aug 3 9:50 AM
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      Hi Gaylon,

      First, a request. I know that AQ can query Ancestry.com. Is there any
      way to interface with a family tree (mine, to be specific) in
      ancestry.com and transfer data back and forth, similar to what we do
      in newFamilySearch/Family Tree?

      I don't think this can be done right now, but if it exists, I haven't
      found it. Will it be a feature for a future release of the product.
      I'd be willing to pay a premium (in addition to the account I already
      maintain at ancestry) for that feature.

      And now the question: What is the difference, or rather, why do two
      source buttons exist for marriage events? One is the "S" button at the
      end of the place field (standard for sourcing almost all of the events
      in the form) and the second button is labeled "Marriage Source". I've
      used both, but wonder if I should be using one or the other in
      preparation for eventually pushing the source information into Family


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