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1048Re: [AQ_NFS] Re: Summary Value

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  • tomhuber.yah@gmail.com
    Jul 28, 2012
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      For those of you who have access to Family Tree (through
      FamilySearch), the "Summary Value" is the value (i.e. the data) that
      is displayed in Family Tree. The rest is hidden.

      The purpose is to "kill" (from view, at least) the inaccurate data
      that has accumulated over the years in newFamilySearch. While there is
      no requirement to document the "value" selected, eventually the
      documentation will help eliminate the "mythology" that now exists
      without adequate documentation.

      In Family Tree, when you add documentation is when it asks for the
      reason that you believe it applies to the person. (Unfortunately,
      that's not how I would do it, but rather support an entry with
      documentation and why it was "more valid" than what was previously
      displayed. This last approach was what we were told would be use, but
      that was well over a year ago while we were on our mission at the
      Family History Department in Salt Lake.

      It is very important that the correct values / data be displayed when
      Family Tree is finally fully implemented. It may be possible that
      programs like AQ will allow us to continue to update the "Summary
      Value" through its interface with newFamilySearch/Family Tree.


      On Fri, 27 Jul 2012 16:33:39 -0600, you wrote:

      >Ahhhh, I clicked the help button and now see a tutorial page on Summary
      >Values and how to set them and what they are. Guess with two graduate
      >degrees I ought to have looked a little harder before alerting everyone to
      >my stupidity! I'll read this information and then get back to the group
      >with any questions. But. I'm essentially understanding that the information
      >I put into the Set Summary window is the information that will be
      >transferred to Family Tree when everything is converted. The rest will be
      >discarded. Therefore if I know what is currently showing in nFS is wrong,
      >then I need to update all of these records so that the correct information
      >will be transferred to Family Tree, correct?
      >S Douglas Cline
      >Brown & Young Companies
      >Cell: 801 560-2340
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