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1047Re: Summary Value

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  • S Douglas Cline
    Jul 27, 2012
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      Ahhhh, I clicked the help button and now see a tutorial page on Summary
      Values and how to set them and what they are. Guess with two graduate
      degrees I ought to have looked a little harder before alerting everyone to
      my stupidity! I'll read this information and then get back to the group
      with any questions. But. I'm essentially understanding that the information
      I put into the Set Summary window is the information that will be
      transferred to Family Tree when everything is converted. The rest will be
      discarded. Therefore if I know what is currently showing in nFS is wrong,
      then I need to update all of these records so that the correct information
      will be transferred to Family Tree, correct?

      S Douglas Cline

      Brown & Young Companies

      Cell: 801 560-2340

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