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1035Re: [AQ_NFS] 14/0.4 Stability Issues: Steps to produce errors

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  • Terry Smith
    Jul 21, 2012
      Hi everyone...

      Sorry to hear of your stability problems with 14.0.3.

      As a former programmer, We need steps provided to discover the errors,
      and fix them. Gaylons team is pretty good at finding and crushing
      bugs if they have the detailed steps to recreate the problem in their

      Simply saying that 14 is unstable cannot solve the problem in
      thousands of lines of coding. Please try to be as specific as
      possible. record the steps you perform in order to reproduce the
      problem encountered... forward those to Gaylon, amd he will fix them
      and get new code to us ASAP...

      Im sure most of you know this, but get wrapped up in reporting the
      forget to record the steps.... I do it all the time. And I use to
      program... grin!>

      --- Terry
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