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1027New Build of AQ 14 released

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jul 5, 2012
      We just released build 3 of AQ 14. Many of you have downloaded build 2 in the last few days, but we were alerted to a bug that we thought needed an urgent fix. (There are a couple of other less urgent fixes as well.)

      If you are working on a PAF database that was created by PAF, and you are using the new "Update Ordinances" option in the Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System, then you should download this new build. (If your PAF file was created by AQ , or you are using the AQ type of database, then this bug shouldn't affect you.)

      The problem was that if you already had updated LDS Confirmation ordinances to your records, and then you ran this "Update Ordinances" option subsequent times, asking for it to update Confirmations, then you might end up with duplicate confirmation ordinances in your records. Once this new build is installed, you won't have that potential problem.


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