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1025Re: [AQ_NFS] Another Request

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Jul 5, 2012
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      Adding Tags to the name list is on our To Do list.

      The problem is that without rewriting the Name List, it can't show graphics. So instead of showing little red, blue, etc boxes, it will probably have to show either the description of the tag or a number, 1-7. The same is true of color coding.


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      Thanks for all you do. The new features are great, but I'm greedy. I
      want more, more, more...

      Here's what I would like to see added (and hopefully, it won't be too
      much work):

      The ability to display the tags in the Names list (Tab). I'd like to
      be able to pull up a list of the names in my file and see what tags I
      have set. As I mentioned in another post, I used the feature to set a
      tag indicating work needed for my entire datafile. Now I want to be
      able to focus on those that need work, and ignore those that do not
      need additional research.

      Thanks again, for all you do.



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