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1009Dates-Place Names, Etc

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  • Cleadie B
    Jul 4 5:50 AM
      A few years ago I had come upon a list of a suggested manner in which to record dates and place names in PAF, AQ or nFS. But my copy of it seems to be missing. In an effort to get my records in better order, I would like some comments on the following - - -

      DATES - how & when to use About, Before and After? Is Between ever used?

      PLACE NAMES - it is suggested that place names be four levels. Where I do most of my research (a Canadian Province) there is a fifth level - Local / Parish / County / Province / Country.

      Which of the first two would be best to use? Vital Certificates are file by the Government by County, but at time they record the Parish in the heading, but the text often gives the local area (and often a church).

      The Local name are most likely to remain unchanged, all other change frequently throughout history. Here we have the problem of which address to use - Historical or Modern.

      Should names of Churches, or Cemeteries, be recorded in the locality fields?

      NOTES - What type of data is appropriate for Notes in nFS? How large can they be? Should/could Wills, etc be recorded there in full; or should they only be extracts?

      Any advise will be much appreciated. Thanks.

      Cleadie B

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