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1007A request

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  • tomhuber.yah@gmail.com
    Jul 3, 2012
      Hi Gaylon,

      I know this has been requested before, and that it hasn't been
      implemented because it would cause problems with the PAF file format
      (or, at least, I think that was your reason)..

      I really would like to include LDS comformation and intiatory dates in
      my AQ file, but do not want them to show up in the "Other Events"
      section where they cannot be "turned off" when printing group sheets
      for public use (such as for non-LDS related historical and genealogy

      Is it possible that at some future date, you'll add those two LDS
      ordinances to the LDS Ordinances section, allowing us to turn off
      using LDS data, or is this something that you won't be considering in
      the foreseeable future?

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