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1000Re: [AQ_NFS] Re: Family Search Family Tree

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  • tomhuber.yah@gmail.com
    Jun 17, 2012
      See interactive responses, below:

      On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 07:35:56 -0000, you wrote:

      >Nevertheless I can get in by:

      Likewise, via the above link.
      >and just signing in.
      >Or I can get there by going to the PDF that instructs you how to register and clicking on the link.

      > If I am already in nFS it automatically opens up in Family Tree. No log on needed.
      Different software and database. It does not reflect the changes made
      through the familysearch.org tab. The data flow between the beta site
      and the "live site" is one-way, toward the beta site.
      >I have been a beta tester in the past. Was recently emailed and asked to participate again. But I did not realise they were using live data. Otherwise I may have volunteered. So busy I need to make all my time count. So I don't always have time to do things that I will subsequently throw away - dead data.

      Likewise, I was a beta tester while on my mission in the Family and
      Church History Mission in Salt Lake, but not to worry, the changes
      made in the beta version do not go back to the "live" data under NFS.
      >I hope AQ had the information to Sync with Family Trees soon. I don't like doing things twice.

      I suspect Gaylon is working with his own site to get all the software
      into place to be ready when FamilySearch Family Tree goes "live". It
      is my understanding that NFS will simply go away at that point as the
      transition to the new data model will be complete.
      >Wonder how we are going to add sources through AQ?

      I couldn't get FamilySearch Family Tree to open up the sources for me
      to add any, even under the test scenario. I suspect this feature has
      yet to be implemented, but at least some of the features are there,
      like an entry point for declaring why I believe the data that I've
      either entered or edited to be correct. This new feature will go a
      long way to establish the "correct" data with proper documentation.

      That is a feature that would be nice to see in AQ, perhaps via the
      event notes.

      "Family History without documentation is mythology." -- I don't know
      who said it, but they are absolutely right on.

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