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59Re: [apeoconsultants] Web host for Web based learning

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  • Keith & Joy Sorbo
    Jan 25, 2003
      Thanks for your response, Weldyn,

      The idea is that if we provide the server, any faculty can offer
      a course on line or use the online service as a supplement to a
      classroom course. I.e. if a faculty wants to provide extra
      materials the students can access from home, etc.


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      > In a message dated 1/21/2003 9:06:55 PM Mountain Standard Time,
      > keith@... writes:
      > > 1. Are you personally or your school interested in offering an
      > > online course? At this time I do not think that AGBC is capable in
      > > offering online courses. However, let me very quick to add that there will
      > > be two Chinese faculty and myself that will be attending the CCOEN meeting
      > > in Hong Kong 12-13 Feb. We will have a better idea of what is involved in
      > > this after this meeting -- I think.
      > >
      > > 2. Do you have any suggestions for the domain name? (e.g., bible-
      > > courses.org) Initially I think that the domain is good.
      > >
      > > Keep up the good work!
      > >
      > > Weldyn

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