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57Re: [APeLearning] Web host for Web based learning

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  • Marie Scroggs
    Jan 22, 2003
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      I have a couple of comments for consideration - depending on the definition of "our network" --
      I think this concept is great, but:
      1. Can individuals be counted on to maintain their part of the "program" (for want of a better term)?
      2. Would it not need an overseer of some kind to keep the dead wood out and to be in a position to monitor/edit non-appropriate content? (The Internet has a wide variety of folks - not all Christians. People who may see this as an opportunity for misinformation). 

      I guess I am concerned about giving the wrong kind of image to the world (giving God a black eye). "biblecourse.org" is fine.
      Berniece S.
      APTS library

       Keith & Joy Sorbo <keith@...> wrote:

      Greetings Friends,

      I am writing to get your input on the need for a site to host
      online learning for any school or faculty member in our network.

      If there are schools or faculty who desire to utilize this
      function, I am willing to set up a web site on which any faculty
      could host an online learning course. The service would be free.

      Initially it would have the following capabilities:

      - Open or closed enrollment (i.e. people can enroll on their
      own, or only the faculty member could enroll a student)
      - Place for a Course syllabus
      - Place for the teacher to post course documents and files, only
      available to enrolled students. This could be any type of
      documents and they could be viewed online or downloaded by the
      - Place for the faculty member to post links to other sites on
      the internet that may related to the course.
      - Ability to upload html pages directly to the course web site.
      - Place for students to post papers or documents
      - A complete discussion forum that can be broken down into
      topics, completely under the control of the faculty member.
      - An announcement system whereby the faculty member can post
      announcements on the web site that will automatically go to all
      enrolled students by email.
      - A course calendar
      - The ability to split the enrollees into sub groups, primarily
      for discussion purposes.

      The software that I am using at at this time is called
      Claroline, available at http://www.claroline.net

      I am willing to do this if there are faculty interested in using
      the system. The only thing required of the faculty member is
      internet access and the willingness to run his/her own course.

      My purpose is to provide a means whereby faculty/schools can
      begin to experiment in online learning without needing to set up
      their own course server or administering it. Later as the need
      increases each school can set up their own site if desired.

      Please respond by answering these questions:

      1. Are you personally or your school interested in offering an
      online course?

      2. Do you have any suggestions for the domain name? (e.g. bible-


      This is my rule of married life: it's better to be
      happy than to be right.
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      Keith & Joy Sorbo
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      Postal: c/o Faith Academy, MCPO Box 2016, Makati City 0706,
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