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37[APeLearning] Feedback about: Digital Library Technology Trends

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  • Marc
    Nov 21, 2002
      At 02:29 PM 11/20/02 +0700, you wrote:
      >Hi Marc and Keith,
      >Please read the .PDF file attachment.
      >It is "Digital Library Technology Trends", published by Sun
      >Microsystems. This white paper covers basic concepts about digital
      >library, including the metadata which designed to be able to cover various
      >forms of digital media.

      Thanks Jonny,
      Excellent article :-) ... I'm returning the favor and adding to the
      collection by sending separately a short newspaper clipping that I just
      read; it is about MIT's newest project -- a digitial library :-) !!
      [[fwiw; take a look at the URLs and info/ideas there, and let me know.]]

      Seems like we are all on the right track ... :-) !!
      Anybody else out there feel the same and/or agree <??> // Any responses??

      - - - -
      >I've read the conclusion/draft from your meeting with KeithSorbo, in the

      Indeed it was a good time ... useful for getting him-me up to speed. AND,
      for being able to discuss/define some of the major issues/stumbling blocks
      -- AND, as previously, we now have LOTs of data and want to see it being
      used ...

      AND I'm thrilled that Keith took the time to then write up his
      Draft/Proposal for discussion -- now we just need to discuss it. :)
      I'll make my comments to it separately.

      >It seems that one of the tasks is adopting MARC standard,

      Actually, for ALL english data it looks like we can have access to the MARC
      records and Keith can 'automatically' download them using a program he
      owns, and program/tools library with a name like something called <??> z39 <??>

      As for 'adopting' the MARC standard ... really not ... but if MARC data
      exists, including it the metadata as =one= field/string that can also be
      included in searches is an excellent idea -- consequently we will have
      better search data/results AND it makes for very impressive Library/Object

      >and I also read the metadata too. Still need to figure it out how the
      >best way to cover all kind of digital media into one good/fit set of metadata.

      Our conclusion is that for now that there is NO best way. (lots of choices,
      and extra infos ... and NONE will be complete/perfect).

      The more important thing is simply to start with something/anything ... AND
      to be able to make sure that we have at least a simple set of MINIMUM data
      fields -- they are the key to most of the functionality -- then anything
      else we want to try to have is 'gravy'/extra.

      >Fortunaly, some people out there already thought about that and made
      >Dublin Core, a well designed metadata.

      Agreed ... I remember looking at it with Daniel originally 1-2 years ago.
      It seems better than MARC for electronic resources.
      AND at the time we had even made our own local version ... BUT, it was not
      workable (tooo many fields/info, and NOT enough momentum/labor). :-(

      BUT, let me add that when I read about the 'Dublin Core' I was very attracted!

      Does =anybody= out there have any experience/comments regarding DublinCore??;
      and its usage??
      and if it (or some of its elements) is worth considering??
      and what data/sources/catalogues are available in that format??

      The key to what we have accomplished with Keith is to select a simple
      standard set (actually subset) that will be both 'sufficient' yet not tooo
      [Or so we hope ... more info/data can always be added later ... ]

      >Unfortunaly, there are tooooo many variousities in this world, and usually
      >we can't make everyone happy, need sacrifice several aspects to fulfill
      >others need.

      AND, thus no perfect/right card/'catalog'ing set.
      My main hope/concerns is that it be
      1) compatible (with the rest of the [e-]world)
      2) expandable
      3) realistic (for data entry purposes) and
      4) manageable (for update/maintance reasons).

      ALONG with a simple 'monkey-proof' system for finding/accessing the data.

      >Please read the following letter and article (Digital Library Technology
      >Trends, published by Sun Microsystems).

      I hope others on the forum will do the same ... AND (please) COMMENT!! :-)
      I myself will make more comments later.

      It is an excellent article :-) ... the ideas/theory/concepts are great!!
      BUT, it is maybe tooo grandiose in scale/scope ... Much like trying to kill
      flies with cannonballs ... ;-) ... Kind of like the MIT Digital Library
      clipping that I just sent... <G>< ...Yet, it does get me thinking -- thanks!!

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