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FW: [APO_Jubail] Fw: [APOPHILNET] Newly Recognized BasicOrganizational Units

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  • Ronnee Trinidad
    FYI… MWAB, super inggo From: APO_Jubail@yahoogroups.com [mailto:APO_Jubail@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Omen 1925 Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 11:12 AM To:
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      super inggo


      From: APO_Jubail@yahoogroups.com [mailto:APO_Jubail@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Omen 1925
      Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 11:12 AM
      To: APO Singapore; Alpha Chi Chapter; APO Jubail; APO Bisdak; APO Surigao
      Subject: [APO_Jubail] Fw: [APOPHILNET] Newly Recognized Basic Organizational Units



      FYI mga kapatid...

      brod omen
      0122 91b 17363
      apo singapore



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      From: bong cruz <bongc40@...>
      To: apophilnet <apophilnet@...>; APO DLSU <apo-dlsu@yahoogroups.com>
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      Sent: Monday, May 2, 2011 15:41:58
      Subject: [APOPHILNET] Newly Recognized Basic Organizational Units


      Brothers and Sisters:

      Let us congratulate the following petitioning groups who were recognized as Basic Organizational Units of APO PHILS INC by the Board of Directors during the 8th Board of Directors meeting
      held Friendship Suites, Makati City last May 1, 2011 after thorough deliberation.

      Fraternity Collegiate Chapter:

      Nu Gamma

      Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig conditional*  

      Pasig City 

      Nu Delta

      Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa

      Muntinlupa City

      Nu Epsilon

      Asian Institute of Maritime Studies

      Pasay City

      Nu Zeta

      Manila Doctors College

      Pasay City

      Alumni Association:



      APO-Omicron Alumni Association

      Angeles City



      APO-Epsilon Upsilon AA

      Davao City



      APO-Theta Beta AA

      Davao City



      APO-Alpha Phi AA

      Quezon City



      APO-Gamma Kappa AA

      Quezon City



      APO-Iota Eta AA




      APO-Epsilon Nu AA

      Las Pinas City



      APO-Epsilon Omicron AA

      Cabanatuan City



      APO-Datu Odin Sinsuat AA

      Datu Odin Sinsuat, 







      APO-Salipawpao AA

      Puerto Princesa City



      APO-Sipocot AA

      Sipocot, Camarines Sur



      APO-Tiaong AA conditional**

      Tiaong, Quezon


       APO-Web AA 

      APO-Western Batangas AA conditional***

      Nasugbu, Batangas



      APO-Beta Kappa AA

      Naga City



      APO-Zeta Iota AA 

      Legaspi City



      APO-AA of Cabuyao conditional****

      Cabuyao, Laguna



      APO-Beta Nu AA

      Zamboanga City



      APO-Alpha Lambda AA



       APO NAA 

      APO-Nu Chapter AA conditional*****




      APO-Congress AA conditional******

      Quezon City



      APO-Gamma Iota AA






      Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig

      1.Submission of Proof of Enrollment of three petitioners upon enrollment for SY 2011-2012

      2.Close coordination of APP compliance. Incharge: NAO, RD and RD for Collegiate


      APO-Tiaong AA conditional**

      1.Renewal of Membership ID of two AA Officers with in 30 days


      APO-Western Batangas AA conditional***

      1.Renewal of Membership IDs of 38 members within 30 days


      APO-AA of Cabuyao conditional****

      1.Exclusion two petitioners from the petitioning list (provisional members)

      2.Renewal of Membership IDs of 14 members within 30 days


      APO-Nu Chapter AA conditional*****

      1.Renewal of Membership IDs of 18 members within 30 days


      APO-Congress AA conditional******

      1. Exclusion of a petitioner from the petitioning list (provisional member)

      2. Exclusion of Honorary (local) Members from the roster of members 

      3. Submission of new roster of members within 30 days


      The Board of Directors deferred the recognition to the following petitioners:


      Basilan AA 

      1. Must submit corrected Financial Statement

      2. Verification and renewal of ID Number of Bro Khalid Jaji

      3. Must renew membership IDs of Bros John Sangkula, Romeo Galo and Almakdi Emmo


      Fairview AA

      1. Petitioner Benson Reyes must renew his membership ID

      2. Must renew membership IDs of 19 members

      3. 11 members must secure APO ID


      RMTU Botolan Campus (Petition for Fraternity Collegiate Chapter)

      1. All Petitioners must submit current proof of enrollment

      2. Six charter members must secure APO ID

      3. Update Roster of Members



      Please coordinate INSTALLATION OF CHARTER to the National Office for the availability of presentors.


      Bong Cruz



      One APO, One Advocacy.




      Article X, Section 5. Charter. –


      (a) A Charter is the formal document emanating from the Commission on Membership bestowing upon the petitioning group all the rights and privileges of chapters or associations and assuring that all their past, present and future members shall enjoy the same rights and privileges granted to members in accordance with their category, type and status.


      (b) Charters shall be issued by the Chair of the Commission, the President, the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Regional Director having jurisdiction over the new chapter or association. Any Petitioning Group denied a charter may submit another application not earlier than one (1) year after the rejection of their first application.


      (c) Charters shall be presented by the President or by his duly authorized representative, who must likewise be a member of the Board of Directors, and the Regional Director concerned of the Administrative Region where the Petitioning Group is based, in an installation ceremony organized by the new chapter or association.


      Section 6. Suspension and Revocation of Charters. –


      (a) Charters of chapters or associations may be revoked or suspended only upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the official delegates of the Collegiate or Alumni Conventions, as the case may be, during the General Assembly.


      (b) The Board of Directors, by two-thirds (2/3) vote of all its members, may preventively suspend charters only when the continued existence thereof constitutes a clear and present danger to the interests of the organization, or any integral part thereof. The preventive suspension of charters shall only be effective until the convening of the General Assembly. In the event that the Collegiate or Alumni Convention, as the case may be, fails to act on the matter, the suspension shall be automatically lifted.


      (c) The chapter or association whose charter has been placed under preventive suspension, may dispute the imposition before the Supreme Adjudicatory Council, under the procedure as stated in the Code of By-Laws and the Rules promulgated pursuant therewith, whose decision, purely on the question of the propriety of the preventive suspension, shall be unappealable, final and immediately executory.


      (d) The procedure for appeals and reinstatement of revoked or suspended charters shall be the same as that for appeals and reinstatement of revoked or suspended membership.


      Section 7. Duties and Obligations. – All chapters and associations shall do and perform, whenever applicable, the following duties and/or obligations:


      (a) Adopt the Standard Articles of Association and certify by a statement bearing the signature of the Grand Chancellor/Grand Lady Chancellor, the Scribe/Lady Scribe, in case of chapters, or by the President and Secretary, in case of associations, of the adoption thereof, which shall be filed with the Board of Directors;


      (b) Adopt such By-Laws, rules and regulations not in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation, the Code of By-Laws, the Standard Articles of Association, or the rules, regulations, or policies of the educational institution or host country where the basic organizational unit is located;


      (c) Establish such training policies complementary to the official rituals of the organization: Provided, however, that there shall be no hazing or informal initiation or any mistreatment or maltreatment of pledges, members or other persons at any time.


      (d) Establish reasonable initiation fees, dues and assessments, in addition to but not in conflict with those established by the Code of By-Laws, the General Assembly and/or the Regional Conference.


      (e) Submit to the Regional Director concerned an annual development report not later than twelve (12) weeks from the beginning of the fiscal year according to the program review procedures established by the Board of Directors, which shall contain the following relevant information and/or data:


      [1] The names and addresses of all its members whether in good standing or not;

      [2] The post office box number, postal mailing address and/or electronic mail address;

      [3] The Annual Financial Statement in the form provided by the Executive Director. Upon dissolution of an organizational unit, a written report of any money or property on hand shall be filed by its officers with the Board of Directors. Such money or property shall be held in trust until the reactivation of the organizational unit, and delivered thereto at such time. Should reactivation not be accomplished within five (5) years from dissolution, such funds shall then be paid to an organization tax exempt within the meaning of the National Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines or in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the host country bearing on such situations;

      [4] The written oath of office of the officers of the chapter or association in the form prepared by the Executive Director, duly signed by them and attested as having been sworn to before the Regional Director;

      [5] The written pledge of loyalty duly signed by the active members of the chapter or association of their continuing commitment to the programs and policies, in such form as may be disseminated by the Executive Director.


      (f) Accept or seek membership in any other association only upon approval of the Board of Directors;


      (g) Exercise such powers and perform such duties and functions as may be provided by the Code of By-Laws and rules as promulgated by the General Assembly or its surrogate, the Regional Conference, the Board of Directors or any of its delegates, the Regional Director and the Section Chair.


      Section 8. Status. – A chapter or association is in good standing if it has met all of its financial obligations to the organization and has not been declared as inactive or suspended, or had its charter revoked, or has not been deemed in violation of the policies of the organization or of the provisions of the Code of By-Laws.




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