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  • I don't know if it was Igor, DanR, or DeanO, but one of them tentatively concluded that 2 rest days between games was optimal for individual performance. On a related note, one of their calculations showed that rest days don't seem to significantly affect team performance. --- In APBR_analysis@^$1, Gabe Farkas wrote: > I thought it might be random at first too, but he...
    dlirag@hotmail.com Dec 3, 2004
  • The Wallace from Detroit is Ben Wallace, right? --- In APBR_analysis@^$1, "wimpds" wrote: > > Name Team Minutes Salary Wins Permin mill/win > Wallace det 77% 5.50 11.6 15.0 0.443 > Brand lac 67% 11.00 11.5 17.1 0.926 > Allen sea 54% 13.50 11.1 20.5 1.184 > Jones mia 76% 12.30 10.6 13.9 1.127 > Odom mia 76% 8.10 10.6 13.9 0.731 > Marion pho 81% 9.70 10.5 13.0 0.886 > Dampier gsw 60...
    dlirag@hotmail.com Jul 29, 2004
  • For calculating a player's defensive rating, DeanO included the team's defensive rating in the formula. Doing something like this on the offensive end could help Bowen's rating further. --- In APBR_analysis@^$1, "nickouli5" wrote: > I was wondering what you guys thought of this stat. > > I think it helps give a gauge of how much a player is producing for > his respective team...
    dlirag@hotmail.com Jun 17, 2004
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  • What other things besides a player's blocking rate would determine his ability to affect the opponent's shot selection? Would a shotblocking center's ability to alter opponents' shots disappear if he only had an average blocking rate?
    dlirag@hotmail.com May 21, 2004
  • How complicated would it be to measure how well a player denies the ball from his opponent?
    dlirag@hotmail.com Apr 16, 2004
  • In terms of measuring a player's defensive performance, should these two have the same value or should one be bigger than the other?
    dlirag@hotmail.com Apr 12, 2004
  • Penny's decline from his early years confounds me, too. It's hard to believe that whatever injuries he got could have that big an effect. I suspect that something else caused his drop but I can't think of any other likely suspect. --- In APBR_analysis@^$1, "nickouli5" wrote: > In looking at John Hollingers Per Ratings and some statistics for > PGs over the years I am wondering...
    dlirag@hotmail.com Mar 30, 2004
  • What's the formula for Size? --- In APBR_analysis@^$1, "Joe" wrote: > > at the end of this post i list the top 50 players according to the > new performance rating. i also try to capture trade value with > factors to adjust that performance rating based on rarity of that > performace level (my thinking being that in trades guys with high > performance rankings are worth a premium...
    dlirag@hotmail.com Mar 6, 2004
  • What percentage of 3-pt shots are of the unguarded type? By unguarded, I refer to the situation where the shooter is just as open after he shoots the three as he was before it. I also want to clarify what Dean meant when he observed that open FG shots had a 10-20% better chance of going in - 10-20% better than the guarded shot percentage or the general FG percentage?
    dlirag@hotmail.com Mar 4, 2004
  • Bob Chaikin's program indicates that the shooting percentage of most NBA players while getting fouled is between 10-20%. Has anyone else done a study on this?
    dlirag@hotmail.com Feb 1, 2004