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  • HoopStudies
    ... team ... win- ... of ... David ... performance ... I think this is a good partial disagreement. No doubt that Bowen does help the defense, but not as much
    Message 1 of 13 , May 2, 2002
      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "alleyoop2" <alleyoop2@y...> wrote:
      > Thanks for all the replies on Payton everyone. I thought Eric Snow
      > got hosed and just wanted to get a feel for others' reaction.
      > Regarding Bowen, I have to partially disagree with what's been said
      > so far. By my rankings, San Antonio was the top-ranked defensive
      > this year; one can point that they were last year too, BUT, their
      > loss and defensive marks this season are both far better with Bowen
      > in the lineup, despite the fact that the guy who replaced him
      > (Charles Smith) isn't a bad defender either. Overall, the addition
      > Bowen made up for the loss of Derek Anderson and the decline by
      > Robinson (though wildly overstated by the media, IMHO his
      > did drop this year).

      I think this is a good partial disagreement. No doubt that Bowen
      does help the defense, but not as much as the big kahunas in the
      middle. I am definitely not saying that Bowen is a bad defender or
      even an average one. I am just pointing out that he, unlike Duncan
      Robinson Olajuwon Mutombo Shaq, cannot on his own make a good defense.

      > Beyond Bowen, last year I had the league's No. 2 defense as
      > this year I had the No. 2 defense as New Jersey. Neither team had
      > imposing center, but both had Jason Kidd. Overall, I don't think we
      > should carry the hypothesis too far about big men's defensive value.

      This is interestingly true. Kidd is both a good man and a good team
      defender, something that can be said of big men, too. What is
      amazing, though, is how Kidd, unlike other little guys who do both,
      has been able to carry it over to a few teams to the degree he has.
      I would expect any team with Bowen, Christie, Vranes to be better
      defensive teams. But history says otherwise. Is there a team that
      Kidd couldn't make good defensively? Yeah, probably. But I think
      there are fewer of them than for the (almost) pure man defenders.

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