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Re: The Big D (migrating to Win-Shares)

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  • alleyoop2
    I haven t read Win Shares yet since I m working on a book of my own, but it s on my list for this summer. It seems like it could, perhaps, be applied to
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 26, 2002
      I haven't read Win Shares yet since I'm working on a book of my own,
      but it's on my list for this summer. It seems like it could, perhaps,
      be applied to basketball if you can get through some fairly massive
      barriers, like assigning defensive credit for instance. One
      limitation is that basketball win-loss records are far more divergent
      from .500 than baseball's; I'm not sure how one would adjust for that.

      I did read the Historical Abstract; his explanation made sense from
      what I read but obviously I need the full shabang to put it all
      together. The book itself indulged his historian side, almost like
      those biographies he put at the end of The Baseball Book. Not that
      that's a bad thing, it was just different in style from the Abstracts.

      > Ahh, yes, the differences between basketball and baseball. Role
      player in
      > basketball is so different from a role player in baseball. The
      only "role
      > player" in baseball I can think of that is considered to be all
      > valuable is a relief pitcher. But utility infielder, platoon
      player, or
      > pinch hitter means you're not good enough to be a starter. Role
      > start in the NBA. They can be very valuable. As you say, you
      can't just
      > plug them in anywhere and expect a constant number of wins/losses
      > them. You actually have to think a lot harder about them.
      > Speaking of baseball, I sat in Borders today and read James'
      section on
      > win-shares. I've got gift certificates to Barnes and Noble, so
      I'll wait
      > to find one of those before I buy it. But has anyone thought
      deeply about
      > James' win-share concept?
      > DeanO
      > Dean Oliver
      > Journal of Basketball Studies
      > http://www.rawbw.com/~deano/index.html
      > deano@r...
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