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Re: Flagrants and keeping kids in school

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  • HoopStudies
    ... from ... determine ... shooting ... allocation ... player, ... RPEs ... a ... the ... after ... I personally won t have time to play on the site. Given
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 29, 2002
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      --- In APBR_analysis@y..., "m_c_meyer" <m_c_meyer@h...> wrote:
      > With that in mind and since I am guessing most of the members here
      > are the same way, here is a link to a site which you all may enjoy:
      > It is a simulated college basketball site where you coach a college
      > team against other coaches in a simulated setting. You determine
      > your team's pace, 3pt shooting and defense. You can even choose
      > a few options to make your team practice during the week(which over
      > the season can often improve a players ability). You also
      > your team's starting roster, bench, substitions, individual
      > and individual 3 pt shooting settings. While this is going on, you
      > also have to keep in mind recruiting. This is done by the
      > of Recruiting Points Earned(RPEs): 1 RPE for reading about a
      > 3 RPEs for writing a player, 5 RPEs for calling a player, and 8
      > to visit a player, and also a combination of the above options for
      > maximum of 17 RPEs a week. Seasons last 9 weeks(1 for exhibition
      > games or pre-season tournaments, 5 for the regular season, 1 for
      > Conference tournaments, and 2 for the National tournaments) and
      > the end of a season, the seniors graduate and you "sign" incoming
      > freshmen who you have been recruiting.

      I personally won't have time to "play" on the site. Given that I
      read science fiction about kids who get good at simulations of war,
      then are drafted into war based on their performance, I always
      thought it would be an interesting experiment if some NBA team did
      something like that. Run a simulated coaching game, allow the winner
      to be a consultant to your team for a year.

      Hey, Mark Cuban might do it. Heck, Mark Cuban probably feels like
      the winner of the game.

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