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Re: [APBR_analysis] Re: Would it make sense to move APBR Analysis

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  • Stephen Greenwell
    ... the ... digests ... official ... only ... deny ... in. ... of ... possible, ... Just to add my 2 cents. I m pretty much a lurker in this group and don t
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 15, 2004
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      wizardskev wrote:
      > This is interesting to me because I access this board ONLY through the
      > internet. I don't like getting a lot of emails, and I find the digests
      > unwieldly. To each his own, I guess. :)
      > The webmaster at RealGM has told me to go ahead and extend an official
      > invitation. We can do this with a private board, to which members only
      > would have access. Moderators would have the ability to grant and deny
      > access to various usernames, and no unauthorized username could get in.
      > I've asked our webmaster if there's a way to preserve the kind of
      > email functionality that some prefer. I don't know if it's possible,
      > but he can make it happen if it is possible.

      Just to add my 2 cents.

      I'm pretty much a lurker in this group and don't post most of the
      time. What I like about this group is the maturity and witty
      people (that's why I don't post) without the trolls and dog-fight
      of public boards as realgm.

      I post regurerely on the wolves board over at realgm, but alot of
      posts are just plain stupid and not worthwile to read. It would
      be sad that APBR would turn into something like that and turn
      away people who have actually good things to say. This would
      really be not worth the 'better' userinterface. If it would be
      strongly moderated and opt-in, then I would support it, but
      that's hard to accomplish (not to take anything away from Kevin,
      whom I know from postings at realgm, btw)

      I read the group over email anyway, and with the right client,
      this group is just as easy to navigate as a usenet group.


      I pretty much agree with Gilbert on this.  I joined this e-mailed group specifically because it was far from the maddening crowd of zealous basketball followers.  Through the Yahoo e-mail system, there's an air of civility and accountability that I frankly don't see elsewhere on the Internet outside of Baseball Prospectus.  The arguments hardly ever became personal, and except for some zealousness about pre-1980 players, I feel that stats are rightly given their appropriate place over anecdote and hype.  (Excuse me if I'm mixing a bit of that up with APBR, both groups dump to one e-mail box for me.)

      I'm one of the youngest here (20) and a journalist, not a researcher, but I've posted on plenty of message boards.  Once you create an advertised public forum, you attract all sorts of behavior issues.  I haven't seen that here.  If someone posts, it is 99.9% of the time 1) relevant or 2) interesting. 

      I would be against any sort of move unless 1) e-mail capability could be kept and 2) heavy screening or blocking of people who violate forum rules was instituted.

      Stephen Greenwell
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