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Re: Today's special: Crow - making teams play faster

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  • mrintp2000
    great suggestions ... should be a ... planted when the ... ballcarrier ... go one step ... on offense ... ref that the ... flagrant - 2 ... game, because 2 ...
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 22, 2004
      great suggestions

      --- In APBR_analysis@yahoogroups.com, bchaikin@a... wrote:
      > I think the refs hold the key:  moving in front of a ballhandler
      should be a
      > defensive foul.  It shouldn't matter whether the defender is
      planted when the
      > offender gets there.  It should only be an offensive foul when the
      > makes his move after the defender is planted.
      > absolutely - i wholeheartedly concur. as a matter of fact i would
      go one step
      > further, and state that anytime a defender fouls a player who is
      on offense
      > (with the ball) where its clear to - and in the opinion of - the
      ref that the
      > defender made no attempt to go for the ball that it should be a
      flagrant - 2
      > FTAs then possession of the ball. this would IMHO speed up the
      game, because 2
      > flagrants and a defender is out of the game, and we'd see alot
      less fouling for
      > the sake of fouling or intimidation...
      > that and calling flagrants on obvious overly hard fouls would help
      > IMHO...
      > bob chaikin
      > bchaikin@b...
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