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  • bchaikin@aol.com
    About Isiah Thomas, if you re curious, I ve looked at his statistics throughout his career using the MagicMetric formula (http://www.magicmetric.com) and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2004
      About Isiah Thomas, if you're curious, I've looked at his statistics throughout his career using the MagicMetric formula (http://www.magicmetric.com) and adjusted for gamepace.  It's not as accurate as the PER, but it's a lot easier for me to calculate. At any rate, Isiah's PER's were probably low the years he won titles with Detroit because he was past his prime at that point.  His best offensive years came in the mid 80's; by 1989, his offensive game had declined a bit. 

      While the magicmetric numbers for his regular seasons do not lend much credence to the conception of him being a great player, his playoffs numbers do.  Isiah showed an ability to consistently outperform his regular season offensive contributions during the playoffs, and considering that most players decline from regular season to playoffs, his performances are especially impressive. 

      thomas's overall career reg season (979 games) and playoff (111 games) numbers are actually quite close: pts/g 19.2 to 20.4, scoring FG% .507 to .511, scoring opportunities per game (fga + fta/2) of 19.0 vs 20.0, 36 min/g vs. 38 min/g, 9 ast/g in both, but he was a better rebounder per minute and got more steals per minute in the playoffs, and got to the line a little more and turned the ball over a little less...

      i believe one reason that thomas doesn't rank as high all-time as say magic or stockton in the eyes of some is that throughout his career he turned the ball over on about 6% of all his possessions, on the high side for a PG, while magic was at about 5% and stockton 4%. but he did have his clutch moments in the playoffs...

      bob chaikin
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